5 Remote Job Opportunities that Pay Six Figures

5 Remote Job Opportunities that Pay Six Figures

5 Remote Job Opportunities that Pay Six Figures

Do you know anyone who has figured out how to make a six-figure income entirely from home? Why not join them or be the one person others would highlight if asked the same question?

The easiest path is to find remote jobs that pay six figures. We are talking about a salary of between £100,000 and £999,999 annually. You would be among the top 5% of UK earners with such earnings. Some jobs, such as senior web developer and actuary, are well-known for their high pay, but others may surprise you.

Ready to see what work-from-home jobs match your qualifications or you can position yourself to qualify for? Read on to find out the top 5 remote job opportunities that pay six figures.

IT Security Specialists

Cyber security threats also increase as more businesses adopt technology in their daily operations. That’s why there is an increasingly high demand for IT security specialists. These professionals protect a company and its employees against cyber-attacks to keep operations running smoothly. IT security specialists warn company employees about potential forms of intrusion (such as phishing emails) to assist them in identifying suspicious emails or other unusual activity on their computers.

Job description: Monitoring the company’s system, network and files for vulnerabilities, risks, and attacks. Developing the best strategies for closing security gaps and protecting the company’s hardware and software from external attacks.

Educational qualifications: Some companies require a degree in computer science, information security, computer information systems, or a related STEM subject.

If you wish to join the IT security specialist but lack the educational requirements, you can easily find self-paced training programs online.


UX researchers are not only well compensated but also in high demand. If you enjoy designing products (including digital products) while prioritising customers’ needs, this could be your breakthrough career path. This role aims to ensure that a product (for instance, an app) is well-designed to meet the wants, thoughts, and needs of the target audience. As a result, you must be excellent in user research and have top-notch design skills.

Job description: Plan and supervise all user research. Oversee UX projects from start to finish and mentor junior designers.

Educational qualifications: Most recruiters do not require a specific degree for this role. Instead, they prioritise real-world experience in UX Research.

To get started in the field, you can enrol in a UX and UX Research certificate program or attend boot camps, which are less expensive and faster to complete. Once you have the educational foundations, you should consider gaining hands-on experience in the field to get senior jobs.


Do you excel at marketing and have strong leadership qualities? If your answer is yes, this could be a six-figure opportunity for you. Product marketing managers lead a team of junior employees to market a company’s products or services to its target audiences. Their role in the marketing department is more about delegating duties and overseeing product/service marketing projects.

Job description: Lead the product marketing team in researching and analysing market trends for particular products/services, developing marketing content, gathering customer feedback, mentoring juniors, maintaining marketing campaign schedules, and ensuring all projects are completed on time.

Educational qualifications: A bachelor’s degree or masters in marketing, communication, business, digital marketing, or any other related field.


To be a six-figure data scientist, you must be skilled in coding, business, and mathematics. Data scientists extract, filter, track, organise, and interpret data from multiple sources to assist businesses in making data-driven decisions. It’s a well-paying and in-demand profession. Businesses require data experts to sort through raw data (for example, market research data) and generate valuable insights to help them improve their business decisions. Governments also employ well-skilled data scientists.

Job description: Collect or mine data from multiple sources, and communicate useful insights that shape how a company approaches different business challenges.

Educational qualifications: A degree in computer science, statistics, maths, computer programming, data science, information technology, business administration, or related field.


Another six-figure opportunity for anyone serious about making money online is the senior marketing manager position. They lead the marketing department, assist in team recruitment, assign duties, and communicate the company’s marketing initiatives to senior management. They are in charge of overseeing the overall marketing efforts and ensuring that each campaign is consistent with the company’s brand image. Unlike product marketing managers who concentrate on products/service marketing, senior marketing managers are in charge of the overall department.

Job description: Supervise an organisation’s marketing department staff. Lead the marketing department in planning, creating, and executing campaigns that align with the company’s image to the appropriate audience.

Educational qualifications: A bachelor’s degree in marketing, digital marketing, marketing communication, or a related business field.

Preparing To Secure a Six-Figure Remote Job

Since the six figures, remote jobs are usually reserved for the most qualified candidates with the most in-demand skills; you must start by polishing your resume. You will compete with the industry’s best talent for the position. As a result, you must make all the efforts necessary to position yourself as the best hire for your desired role.

Here are some key points to remember:

  • Emphasise your remote experience (for instance, earning a certificate or degree online, temporary remote work, etc.).
  • Concentrate on the skills that remote jobs necessitate (for instance, the ability to work independently).
  • Optimise your LinkedIn profile and create content centred on your area of expertise.
  • Express your strong interest in the company, emphasising the specific value you will bring to it.

Bottom Line

There are more work-from-home opportunities than ever before, with some paying six figures for top talent. So, if you’re wondering how to make money fast as a woman, you can’t go wrong by mastering a valuable and well-paid skill. Making money online can also help you discover new opportunities to generate passive income and set yourself up for financial success.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

5 Remote Job Opportunities that Pay Six Figures

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