15 Best AI Tools for Online Business

15 Best AI Tools for Online Business

The world has many new possibilities for businesses of all sizes thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). AI provides deep insight like no other and is making many business processes easier. There are many artificial intelligence tools available that will improve the efficiency of your business, whether you’re a freelancer or a manager who manages multiple employees. Let’s look at 15 of the best AI tools available for businesses:

1. Pictory

Pictory, an AI video editor web app that allows you to create high-quality videos and easily edit them. The AI tool is a powerful one that doesn’t require any prior experience with video editing and design.

Start by creating a text or article that will be the basis for your video content. Pictory, for example can convert your blog posts into engaging videos that you can use on social media and your website. It is great for both personal bloggers as well as companies who want to improve engagement and quality. It works with any computer because it’s cloud-based.

Pictory allows you to edit video using text. This is great for editing Zoom recordings and webinars. Pictory is easy to use, takes only minutes and delivers professional results that will help you build your brand and grow your audience.

Pictory also allows you to make shareable highlight reels. This is great for people who want to share clips or create trailers on YouTube. These great features are not the only ones you have. You can automatically caption and summarize your long videos.

These are the key features of Pictory.

Videos based on scripts or articles

Text editing is a way to edit videos

Create shareable video highlight reels

Caption and summarize automatically videos

Pictory Full Demo



2. JaspeR

A widely recognized AI writing tool that excels in quality and features is Jasper AI. The wep app version of Jasper analyzes text and creates phrases, paragraphs or documents that are based on their subject matter. In less than fifteen minutes, it can produce a 1,500 word article.

There are more than 50 AI content templates on the platform, such as blog posts and emails, Google ads generators, SEO, metadata, description and press releases.

Let’s take a look at the most striking features of Jasper.

Over 11,000 fonts free and more than 2,500 writing styles in a variety of categories

More than 25 languages supported

Interface that is intuitive

Writing assistant for long-form (1,000+ words).

Recognize key elements of text (pronouns and verbs as such tools well as names)

3. Murf

The text generator Murf is our top choice for AI tools to help businesses. It is one of most popular and powerful AI voice generators. It allows anyone to transform text into speech, voice-overs and dictations. This artificial intelligence tool is widely used by professionals such as product developers, educators, business leaders, podcasters and educators.

Murf has many customization options that will allow you to create natural sounding voices. You can select from a range of dialects and voices, along with an intuitive interface.

Text to Speech Generator provides users with an extensive AI voice-over studio. It also includes a video editor that allows you to make a video and voiceover. You can choose from over 100 different AI voices in 15 languages.

Murf’s voice changer is another great feature. It allows you to record your own voice over without having to use it as the source. Murf’s voiceovers can be adjusted by speed, pitch and volume. Change the pronunciation or add emphasis and pauses.

These are the most important features of Murf.

A large library with more than 100 AI voices in different languages

Expressive emotional speaking styles

Support for audio and text input

AI Voice-Over Studio

You can customize the tone and accents of your shirt.

4. Vidyo.ai

If you spend hours on hours editing content, you need to check out Vidyo.ai. With this free ai tool, you can make short videos from long ones instantly. This ai design tool works wonders for content producers.

All you have to do is register here, click start for free to create social ready short clips which will save you 90% time and effort with captions, templates, emojis and more.

With one click of a button, you can repurpose long from content so it is ready for Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and TikTok. The free version allows you to upload 75 minutes of video, creates 720p rendering of footage, gives a user 5GB free storage and standard intros & outros in landscape, portrait and square dimensions. Packages start from $29.99 and go up to $49.99/per month and you pay only for uploaded minutes. Check out vidyo.ai here.

5. HitPaw Image Enhancer

HitPaw is at the top of our best AI image and upscaler tool list. The built in AI image enhancement tool makes images less blurry or enlarges them without quality loss.

The Pro-level tool for photo enhancement fixes blurred images perfectly. It also has AI models that can be used to improve photo quality at any time. This platform also offers the technology to restore old photos to their original glory. The AI Face Enhancer provides an AI model that can make any face look flawless. It can colorize black-and white images and bring back old photos with just one click.

With the help of powerful AI noise reduction technology, denoise can remove any noise in low-ISO or high-light images. It also makes cartoon images look more clear.

To enhance photos of actual scenes, like buildings and landscapes, the easiest way is to use the general modeling. The AI Sharpener is also capable of enhancing images to enhance the clarity and appearance of animals or flowers.

These are the key features of HitPaw.

Best AI Image Enhancer for Windows and Mac

Just one click to instantly improve image quality and resolution

You can easily make your pictures blurrier and reduce noise.

You can enlarge or upscale your images with no quality loss

6. Lovo.ai

Lovo.ai, an AI-based voice generator that also supports text-to speech and has won numerous awards. This platform is robust and easy to use, producing voices that sound like a human’s voice.

Lovo.ai provides a variety of voices to many industries. It has been able to service numerous industries such as entertainment, banking and education. Lovo.ai is a leader in voice synthesis and has attracted a lot attention from prestigious organizations around the world.

Genny is a new-generation AI voice generator from LOVO that can be used to create text-to-speech or video edits. The machine can create human-like voices of stunning quality, and can also be used by content creators to edit video.

Genny allows you to choose between over 500 AI voices, in more than 20+ emotions, and 150+ languages. Professional grade voice actors that sound natural and human-like. To customize the sound of your speech, you can adjust accent, speed, pitch, and emphasis.


The largest collection of voice recordings of more than 500+ AI voices in the world

Professional producers can use pitch control, pronunciation editor and emphasis to achieve granular control.

You can edit multiple videos at once and generate voiceovers.

Database of resource databases for non-verbal interjections and sound effects.

Content can easily be translated into 150+ languages with a click.

7. Fireflies

Fireflies uses NLP to remove the need to take notes during meetings. You can easily record, transscribe and search your conversations using an intuitive platform.

You can instantly record any online conference. Fireflies can be invited to join your meetings and record or share conversation.

You can upload audio files or live meetings to Fireflies for transcription. You can read the transcripts and then listen to the audio.

It’s easy to work in teams. Add comments and mark parts of calls so you can quickly share important moments with your teammates.

Its search function is the best feature. You can review an entire hour-long call in just 5 minutes. You can search across important highlights and action items.

Instantly record and transcribe calls

You can use Chrome Extension to record calls and meetings directly in your browser.

Easy to use search makes it easy to review calls.

Fireflies Bot is an easy-to-use meeting bot. Invite Fireflies bot for a meeting, or let it join calls automatically on your calendar.

You can instantly transcribe audio files from the dashboard.

Native integrations for dialers, Zapier or the API to make ai system make audio and calls.

Stop taking notes.

8. Tidio

tidio ai

Tidio provides a simple solution to help businesses add chatbots to their websites. Chat with your customers instantly and resolve their issues in real time. You can also offer discounts and perks based on your browsing history. Based on the user’s browsing history, the AI will make product recommendations.

The live chat of Tidio works well with many CRMs, eCommerce platforms, and email marketing tools. The widget and other tools can be easily integrated with Shopify Messenger, WordPress and other platforms.

Some key options include:

Monitor your visitors. Track your visitors to see which pages they visit and tailor your communications accordingly.

You can get a live overview of every visitor to your store or website. Find out what interests them.

You can see what customers type in real-time and prepare your responses to them.

You can prepare canned responses to common questions ahead of time and provide instant support for your customers.

With intuitive integration, Tidio can be easily connected to any industry-leading platform or advanced analytics tool without the need for coding.

9. Talkify

Talkify converts text from any format to natural-sounding speech. The platform, which is based on the internet, can convert PDFs, emails or articles into an audio format that can be read instead of being read. You can also adjust the speed of reading and choose from over 30 naturally-sounding voices.

Intelligent software can recognize more than 15 languages while processing text. It can also convert scans of printed text seamlessly into audible audio.

These are the best features of Talkify

Web-based extensions for Chrome and Safari

Mehr than 15 languages

More than 30 Voices to Choose From

Convert printed text into speech by scanning and converting it

10. Reply.io


Reply, your one-stop sales engagement platform for creating new business opportunities on a large scale. Every touchpoint is personal.

ChatGPT’s Jason AI personal assistant is powered by ChatGPT. It can help you set up outreach, manage prospect replies, book meetings, and more. You can easily apply filters to find the most qualified prospects for your products or services.

Jason AI can create sequences from the first email to follow ups and social touches, while also suggesting additional channels for reaching out to prospects.

The AI Assistant API can also be used in conjunction with any other Reply APIs. It offers these features:

Email sending API allows your users send business or personal emails on a large scale

Email Warm Up API, which helps users to build domain reputation and set up email accounts for outreach

11. Neuraltext

Neuraltext uses AI to encompass the whole content creation process.

This tool is an AI copywriter and SEO content tool.

AI copywriting tools allow you to create compelling copy for campaigns and generate dozens of variations. There are more than 50 templates design tools that you can use (Facebook ads and Slogan ideas as well as blog section writing).

The data from Google pages that rank high in search engines will be used to create SEO content. It works like this: Enter a keyword and the tool will pull up the top 20 Google Search results. This data includes suggested keywords, topics, questions, statistics, and more.

These data make it easy to create an outline and build a brief content for your writer in just a few clicks. This will save you hours of clicking endlessly on Google Search results.

These data can also be used in an editor to obtain a score and optimize your content for search engine optimization as you write.

The keyword research tool can help you find long-tail keywords that have strong commercial intent. This will allow people who are ready to convert.

12. Anyword

Marketers will love Anyword, a data-driven tool for copywriting. This tool allows you to create effective copy for emails, landing pages and ads.

It is very easy to create adverts for Facebook, Google Adwords and LinkedIn Ads.

They also allow you to create blog posts and product descriptions for long-form content.

Anyword is a tool that allows creative marketers to use data and predictive analytics to help them understand which parts of their message work and who they are most effective for.

13. WordAI

WordAi uses machine learning models to provide high quality rewriting based on its integrated ai tool. The rewriting is indistinguishable from human content. Once you find an article or a blog post that you like, copy and paste it into WordAI and it will come with different ways to express the same ideas by rewriting every sentence from scratch. WordAi can text rewrite an entire article in just a few seconds. This can allow you to 10x your content output and beat tight deadlines. Prices start from only $9/month on the ‘Starter’ package, which gives users 50,000 rewrite words/month and 25,000 Pass AI Detection words/month also. The ‘Power’ package costs $27/month and gives users 3,000,000 rewrite words/month and 250,000 pass ai detection words/month with one click rewriting.

One of the greatest features of WordAI is the Avoid AI Content Detection. With the powerful ai tools used to develop the platform, the quality of content produced allows it to pass as human in AI detectors.

WordAI dashboard - ambitiousinvestor.com

Additionally, when you register and become a customer, WordAI allows you to adjust how creative you want the generate content to be. You can make it more conservative to keep more of the original content, or choose ‘Adventurous’ to maximise your SEO impact. Check out WordAI here.

14. DALLE 2

Dalle-2 is an ai art generator that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language. Dalle2 is from the creators of ChatGPT, OpenAI and in April 2022 DALL-E 2 was announced.

The web application ai design tools built into DALL-E allow users to generate imagery in multiple styles, including but not limited to paintings, emojis and objects all based on instruction. So if you type into DALL-E, make an image of ‘Oprah reading a book on the beach’, it will generate just that. Try it for yourself and see.

15. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is one of the best ai tools I have come across. it is an artificial intelligence tools chatbot which allows you to have human like conversations. The web application has the ability to create anything from a 2000 word blog post, code to a poem written in creole if you request it too. We wrote a full length article on ChatGPT here.

15 Best AI Tools for Online Business

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