Novel AI Review: Is it the best AI storyteller?

Novel AI Review: Is it the best AI storyteller?

Novel AI Review: Is it the best AI storyteller?

Novel AI is an AI-based story generator that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to help create quality literature.

Its goal is not to replace human writers, but rather to help them create compelling stories by generating story ideas and plots.

Text-to-image AI art can be used to create AI-generated images for storytelling that include illustrated characters.

How powerful is it? Does it make sense to invest in it? Find out in this comprehensive Novel AI review.

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Novel AI Review:

  • The platform has its own AI models that are trained on real literature.
  • The tool is able to adapt and retain the user’s perspective and writing style.
  • This AI tool uses natural language processing and machine learning to develop characters and generate ideas for stories.
  • The AI’s image-generation feature generates fantasy images for novels and stories.
  • The free trial has limited features.

Who is it for?

Novel AI is designed for those who want to be creative writers. Some use case scenarios include:

  • Idea Generation This tool helps a writer come up with story ideas, characters and plotlines.
  • Writing Assistant: This AI-driven tool can help writers who are stuck with their writing. It generates dialogues and stories.
  • Revisions and Editing This AI assistant can assist storytellers in improving their work, by suggesting changes to the plot, characters and pace.

Novel AI, in short, is for those who need an assistant to help them write fiction using natural language processing.

Pros & Cons

Novel AI Pros

  • Free version lets you test AI story generators and play text adventures.
  • The program allows users to copy the writing style of famous authors such as Edgar Allan Poe and Arthur Conan Doyle.
  • Novel AI is a customizable editor that allows you to customize fonts, layouts and colors.
  • The story-writing software uses XSalsa20 Encryption in its editor and servers to protect your work from being stolen by others.
  • The tool, powered by Stable Diffusion offers the option of creating images based on a storyline that can be included within the storyline.

Novel AI Cons

  • The free tier has a painfully low limit.
  • The learning curve is steep. The tool can take several days to learn. There aren’t as many hints for guidance, unlike other AI tools.
  • Sometimes the generated ideas can be robotic, irrelevant and nonsensical.
  • The most expensive plan is the only one that offers Krake, their best AI storyteller.
  • No money-back guarantee is available.

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Novel AI Features

Novel AI is a simple story writing tool that only has three main features. The first two help you create stories. The third one generates illustrations for your stories, novels or comics.

1. Storyteller

Novel AI’s core feature is The Storyteller. This story generation tool will help you generate new ideas for your next captivating story.

Storyteller is a text editor where you can start writing by adding some input.

Novel AI will begin writing once you click on the “Send” button. You can either add more input after the AI has finished writing or click the ‘Send” button again to continue the whole writing process.

Click the “Retry” button at the bottom if you don’t like the result. The AI will change the ending sentence and continue your story in a different way.

Although this may all sound interesting, the outputs were often meaningless, especially when I was writing a historical novel.

Storyteller did not understand context, even after I had added lots of text.

Does this mean that Storyteller isn’t an effective tool?

I’m not going to say it. I’ll tell you what I think.

  • Novel AI will not be able to follow your story if you have an idea and want it to go a certain way.
  • Novel AI, like most AI story generators can be best used to generate ideas that you can then expand. You will be more successful if you start with a clean slate.

Do not be surprised if you see sentences that are incorrect or meaningless. All AI story generators are like this.

Instead of letting you write the whole story, the idea is to assist you the story writer in finding story ideas and generating stories.


Novel AI allows you to customize the way it acts, its tone, and much more. You can choose the genre you want (the list of genres is not complete).

The Advanced Settings panel is a nightmare.

You will find that almost everything there is alien to you if you don’t have any prior knowledge. That’s not it. You can also choose more advanced settings that could give you nightmares.

Novel AI is a lot more powerful than its default settings once you learn how to use it.

Unfortunately, there is no standard setting that can be used. The output depends on what you want for the given story and context.

You might focus on “Memory” as this is the feature where you give the AI basic context so that it can remember the story you are creating.

Novel AI will forget context as the entire story just advances without Memory. This is an interesting and clever way to keep the AI focused.

Use your memory to identify the main characters, plot, and setting of the story.

Even with default settings, it works well when you write in erotica, adult, or NSFW genres. It works well with simple prompts.

For obvious reasons, I am unable to show you a sample. You can test it for yourself.

2. Text Adventure

Novel AI can be used to create a text adventure classic game. Then, you can provide character instructions. The AI will use its creativity to play the game.

You can choose from different modes such as DO, SAY and STORY to create a compelling story and determine the direction of the game.

Text adventures are not based on right or wrong. Instead, they are based on imagination. As you play the game you will realize that you can create a compelling tale.

Do not worry about typos. The AI will detect and understand context, and then take the appropriate actions based on the inputs.

If you don’t like what you got from the AI, you can try again.

Text adventures can be a good way for authors to tell stories or to at least develop a storyline they can use later to create novels, comics or short stories.

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3. AI Image Generation

Novel AI’s platform has a text-to-image function that lets you illustrate your story.

If you are not familiar with text-to image AI tools, let’s summarize: you give a text description and the AI creates an image that matches what you described.


Say: “A dystopian world with mountains high and rugged, thunderstorms in a distant galaxy.” A huge UFO hovering above the mountains.”

This is a good description. The AI tool will then use this information to generate an image.

Here is an example image based on ai algorithms and upon the description.

All AI-generated pictures are unique. Use them in your stories, comics and novels without worrying about copyright.

This feature is unfortunately not available on the free plan.

Novel AI provides two models to create images from text.

  • Novel AI Diffusion (Curated and full)
  • Novel AI Diffusion Furry Beta

You can create images with an anime theme using the first, while furry or anthropomorphic animals are allowed to be used in the second.

Unfortunately, paid plans have their own limitations. You can view the details and restrictions here.

Novel AI Pricing

Novel AI has four different plans, including:

Paper: Free Trial

  • The second-best AI Storyteller (Euterpe) can generate 100 free text generations.
  • Add up to 8192 Memory characters.
  • Text-to-speech AI can generate up to 100 voices.

Tablet: $10 per month

  • Text Generations Unlimited
  • Novel AI’s Euterpe, the second best AI Storyteller model (second to none), is included in this package.
  • Memory is approximately 4096 characters long.
  • 1000 Anlas every month. Anlas are the currency used for Custom AI Modules and AI Image generation.
  • Advanced AI text-to-speech generation.
  • AI text-to-image generation.

Scroll: $15 per month

  • Text Generations Unlimited
  • Novel AI’s Euterpe, the second best AI Storyteller model (second to none), is included in this package.
  • Memory is approximately 8192 characters long.
  • 1000 Anlas every month. Anlas are the currency used for Custom AI Modules and AI Image generation.
  • Advanced AI text-to-speech generation.
  • AI text-to-image generation.

Opus: $25 per month

  • Text Generations Unlimited
  • All models of Novel AI’s AI Storyteller, including the best (Krake), are included.
  • Memory is approximately 8192 characters long.
  • 1000 Anlas every month. Anlas are the currency used for Custom AI Modules and AI Image generation.
  • Advanced AI text-to-speech generation.
  • AI text-to-image generation.
  • You can access experimental features.

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Novel AI Review – Novel AI Alternatives

Novel AI vs. Jasper AI

Jasper AI has a powerful AI-writing tool. However, unlike Novel AI it is not specifically targeted for fiction, comics and novels. Jasper has 50+ templates. One of them is Creative Story.

This template can be used to generate ideas for stories, but the output will only help you overcome writer’s blocks. Jasper does not offer the fine control Novel AI provides through its settings.

Jasper’s Teams plan helps create long-form content.

It’s not surprising, as Jasper is aimed at content creators. It can be used for emails, blog posts, meta descriptions and more.

Rytr vs. Novel AI

Rytr, like Jasper, is not a creator of stories. It targets copywriters, marketers, entrepreneurs, etc. You can use it to write blog posts, ad copies, emails, etc. Rytr will be a great choice.

Novel AI offers a more flexible story-writing template, called “Story Plot”, that can help you create compelling storylines.

Rytr offers a free plan that is forever.

Novel AI vs. Sudowrite

Sudowrite is the real competitor to Novel AI. It is more of a virtual partner who helps you brainstorm ideas, create scenes and offer beta feedback to your finished novel or story.

Sudowrite, like Novel AI, can predict the next sentence, paragraph or plot point. The interface may not be as sophisticated as Novel AI’s, but it is still very user-friendly.

Sudowrite is a good alternative to Novel AI if you do not like the complexity.

Novel AI Review FAQ

Novel AI Review: Is it the best AI storyteller?

Novel AI – Is it better than AI Dungeon?

What you’re looking for will determine the answer. Novel AI is able to generate structured text that focuses on dialogue, action and story development. It is also able to adapt to different writing styles and of writing, something AI Dungeon can’t do.

Moreover, Novel AI is able to import stories from the AI Dungeon Content Archive Tool. AI Dungeon won’t allow you to import any content from Novel AI.

Novel AI costs money

It does! There is a free plan that allows you to generate up to 100 texts. After you exhaust your credits, you will need to upgrade to the paid plan which starts at $10 per month.

Novel AI Review Summary

Novel AI is a powerful AI-based story generator that can be used by novelists, fiction writers, and storytellers. It can be used to help overcome writer’s blocks or for AI-assisted creative writing, through dialogue.

The tool is not for beginners to AI novel writing. It is a GPT-powered sandbox that allows you to unleash your creativity. You can have different writing styles also customize the AI.

This feature will be a boon to those who wish to create comics and stories with illustrations.

It is a good AI writing partner but can’t replace the human brain.

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