Best Paid Online Survey Sites

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A great side hustle option is to conduct paid online surveys. After work and on weekends if you have spare time, you can simply dedicate time to registering online for survey websites. Here are the best paid online survey websites which we have tried and tested.

The best paid online survey websites

You can take advantage of your free time and fill out online surveys from the comfort of your home. By simply answering a few questions about a brand, company or product the survey websites will pay you a certain amount. There are websites that offer this service. You will be interested in the following alternatives:

King of Prizes

This is one of the most comfortable and easy survey sites to earn money. The design, functions and multiple payment options will please you immediately. It also provides the user with a support area in case you have any doubts about how to use it, you just have to start using it!

It provides you with two currencies. These are known as Koins and Tokens. The first one is the official one of the platform and you can exchange it with PayPal. The second one is similar to coupons with which you can participate in sweepstakes and more. The website also presents you with other tasks that are paid.


It is one of the well-known, popular and safe survey companies. It allows you to answer between 2 and 10 forms per day. These are of different topics, but they are mostly easy. You have to review them before submitting them, as the platform takes care of verifying all your answers.

A positive feature of this site is that you get paid a commission if you refer someone you know. You can refer it to your friends, family or close ones. Additionally, the website has a section in which they pay you to view ads. Either option will work for you!


Don’t hesitate to use this option when you need extra money fast. It gives you the possibility to get anything from cash to coupons. What else does it offer you? Rewards, cards, store rebates and more. You choose the payment method that suits you and that’s it.

It doesn’t just pay you for filling out different forms. You can also get paid a commission for watching different videos. Are you willing to try this website? It is available whenever you want. Before you get started, you first have to register with your personal details to gain access.

Market Agent

Market Agent has many registered users. This certifies that it is one of the best paid online survey websites. It makes it easy for you to fill out many forms on a daily basis. It makes payments through PayPal. You can then make your purchases in stores or receive the money in cash.

The advantages that this platform has is that it gives you a commission just for signing up. In addition, if you invite your acquaintances and they sign up, you get a set fee. You can even specify what your preferences or tastes are so that you can receive surveys about them.


Maybe you have heard from other friends about this website. This is because it is one of the most established sites in this area. It has been in the market for more than a decade. This company is especially good at market research and product or service research.

Once you answer each survey, you will earn points in your account. You can exchange these points for prizes, money and even bank transfers. It also adds in its catalog redemptions through Amazon, iTunes, Adidas and other recognized stores. Very tempting to start, isn’t it?


Many experts agree that this is the best survey site. What makes it special? The amount of money it pays out, the good interface and the experience in the market. Greenpanthera is one of the websites that pays the best for each form you manage to fill out.

It pays good commissions also for: Registration and referrals. It offers you the possibility to receive the surveys through your email. That is to say, when the forms are available you will receive a notification to complete them.


This platform should not be missing in your list of paid surveys online. While you give your opinion about a company, service or product you will receive an amount of money. Not only does it give you cash, it also gives you the option to get Amazon gift certificates. Collect and then buy whatever you want.

Users who have registered agree that it is easy and convenient to use. When you finish your daily workday, you can take advantage of it and complete the surveys. The forms are answered quickly, so take advantage of the opportunity to earn extra income.


Another website you should consider is SurveyPronto. You have to register with your first name, last name, email, password and other information requested. Then complete your profile within the account. This helps you to get updated surveys on a daily basis.

It will only take you 5 to 10 minutes to complete each of the forms. That means it won’t take you that long. Obviously, the more surveys you fill out, the more money you will receive. There are surveys available every day because this is a well-known website.

Opinion Center

Earning income with this company is really simple. You don’t need to be a specialist or need to make a great effort. This site pays you for answering their forms efficiently and honestly. Once you answer them, they make an evaluation and then give you a number of points.

These points can be exchanged for money when you collect a good amount. It cancels mainly through PayPal. However, it also offers you other platforms to receive rewards. For example, you will get gift cards from Amazon, iTunes and different online companies.


It is a very tempting option for those people who are starting to generate income online. It gives you two options for you to fill out forms on a daily basis. One of them is to choose surveys from the website. They enable them in the main panel and from there you select them.

Another alternative is to answer the forms sent to your email. You can choose the forms that catch your attention in the time you need. An advantage of this platform is that you can also take the surveys through your phone or cell phone.

Globa Test Market

This company is also available among the platforms for paid surveys online. Every day it provides different forms of different categories. You can easily fill them out whenever you want. It rewards you with PayPal money and Amazon checks.

Keep in mind that to get a good amount of money you must complete several surveys. The money you earn will be used for an emergency or to supplement your normal income. Keep in mind that you will not increase your earnings from one day to the next. Be patient!


It is considered as one of the best paid online survey websites. Among its features are: Track record, trust and ease. It has been working for a long time, so it guarantees a secure payment. It has millions of registered users. It keeps adding more users.

Like most of these sites, it offers you points. With them, you will receive gift coupons to buy in different businesses. It also has partnerships with PayPal, Facebook and more. You can even make donations to Non-Governmental Organizations with the money you collect.


Do you want an additional option? This website can also be useful for you. It is no different from the ones we have mentioned. However, it stands out because it guarantees that you will receive the money quickly. It is available in different languages and in several countries. You can recommend it to your friends and you will earn money for that.

In addition, it was created several years ago and has become another valid option. If you are a university student and you want to have an extra income, then it will work perfectly for you. Earn for every action you perform. Get the money and prizes in your PayPal account.

How to choose an online survey website?

To choose the option that suits you best, check different aspects. Analyze the payment methods offered, the methods for filling out the surveys and the offers. There are some sites that are available in certain countries, but not in others.

They may also offer different languages. Check if they are available in your country and language. They also vary in terms of the minimum amount to be charged. You can even experiment with several websites so that you have a chance to get more money.


Best Online Survey Websites

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