Pension Bee Review: Is it Any Good For Your Pension?

Pension Bee Review: Is it Any Good For Your Pension?

Pension Bee Review: Is it Any Good For Your Pension?

It is important to get it right when deciding what to do about your pension. This PensionBee Review will show you how they can assist you in locating and consolidating old pension pots, as well as how you can save for your retirement.

You can choose from a variety of plans, each with different risk levels and returns. This means you will find a pension plan that is perfect for your financial future. Pension Bee aims to simplify pensions and provide users with a user-friendly app to manage their pensions easier than ever before.

PensionBee is a new online pension service

PensionBee, a London-based company, is an innovative business with close to one million customers. The company was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2021, and it has made significant inroads in the pensions sector. Its services’ main focus is to simplify the process of assessing and consolidating customers’ current pension plans.

Many UK employees have a variety of employers, and many smaller pension funds are gained. This can lead to smaller funds being burdened with high fees and poor performance. Pensions are frequently forgotten or left unmanaged.

They make the tedious task of tracking down lost or forgotten pensions easier by using The Pension Service. This service is provided and they offer to consolidate all existing pensions in a single, simple-to-manage plan.

The holder of a money purchase agreement or personal pension plan can consolidate it at no cost.


PensionBee: How it works

You can choose from a variety of plans when you have your pension with this company. There is a plan for everyone, no matter what level of return and risk you want. They also offer a service to help you transfer existing pensions from other sources. If you don’t have the exact details, they can even assist you in finding them. After you have set everything up, you will be able to manage your payments through their app and/or website. You can make regular payments or one-off payments. This is great for self-employed people. You will receive the usual government top-ups, and you can check your account balance at any time using the website or app. This is a very easy-to-access pension service that aims to make managing and consolidating your pensions as simple as possible.

Transferring Existing Pensions

The UK Pension can be transferred to another UK-registered pension scheme or, if the retiree wishes to live abroad, then an overseas option will usually be available. The website allows customers to view the latest rules.

You should be able to give them the details of your existing pensions so that they can contact these pension providers and ask that your pension be transferred to them.

PensionBee will find any pensions that you may not know about and transfer them for you. Let them know the details you know, and they will do the rest. The website or app uses a timeline so you can see how the search progresses.

What you will need to know in order to initiate a transfer

You can start the process by contacting either your current pension provider or future pension provider. Your name, date of birth, National Insurance number, and address will be requested. You will need to know the HMRC registration number, trading name and details of your future provider.

You will need to pass through security checks, and possibly verification checks. They’ll guide you through these steps and ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

They are experts at locating and transferring pensions. You can rest assured that you are in good hands. On their website, they keep you informed about the progress of any transfers. They will also contact you if any additional information is needed to complete a successful transfer.

You should be aware that UK pension regulations currently require financial advice for any scheme with guaranteed benefits greater than £30,000.

Start a New Pension

They have all the information you need for those who are self-employed, whether you have an existing pension or want to start climbing up the ladder. You’ll need to have a UK pension if you are a PAYE worker or not self-employed.

You can start by looking at their Pension Academy. They have a number of videos that will help you get started. Realistically, it’s an excellent financial decision that shouldn’t be overcomplicated.

Although it’s not uncommon to wait until later in life to begin a pension, starting one early is the best option. It’s not a problem to delay, but the longer you wait the more money you will need to save each month to have a substantial pension fund for retirement.

You can easily set up a new pot of pension with them via their app or website. They’ll also help you with government pension contributions and how to diversify your portfolio if you so wish. It can be done quickly, as the average time to complete this process is 12 weeks.

pension bee review

PensionBee plans with risk levels

This is great because you can choose the plan that best suits your needs, and also what type of risk/return you are comfortable with. It’s great that you can choose the option that best suits your needs, your level of comfort with risk/return and your preferences.

PensionBee has 7 plans, and while they don’t endorse any plan in particular, they make it easier for you to research. You should take some time to consider your options and make sure you choose the best option for you and your financial situation.

Low-Risk Funds


The Preserve Plan only invests in short-term projects. The plan’s low-risk investment in creditworthy companies will also result in lower returns.

Medium-Risk Funds


The Tracker Plan invests your money into a variety of options. The tracker plan tends to follow global markets, which means that your money can be invested in many different assets. Your pension pot can be invested in equities and bonds, as well as global shares, cash, or even cash equivalents.

This means your money is at a medium level of risk. However, this will also reflect in the returns you receive.


The Tailored Plan is based on both your age and how close you are to retiring. The younger you are, the more risk your pension pot and you can take. The plan is not tailored to you, but rather based on age. As you approach retirement in 10 years or less they begin to invest your money with less risk.

4 Plus

The 4 Plus Plan is based on the assumption that you want to see a growth rate of around 4% annually. The plan is designed for those who are likely to use their pensions in the near-medium term and would prefer to have control of their returns actively managed by an expert team.

High-Risk Funds


The Pre-Annuity Plan invests in bonds and should return on average the same amount as purchasing an annuity.

Ethical Investment Funds

Fossil fuel free

The Fossil Fuel Free Plan works by ensuring that your money is not invested in companies involved in the production of fossil fuels or tobacco. Your money will only be invested in companies that align themselves with the Paris Agreement Goals. This is one of the newest PensionBee options. It tracks the FTSE All World TPI Transaction Index to determine how to invest your money.


The Shariah plan allows you to create a pension based on your faith. This plan invests your capital only in Shariah-compliant companies that have been approved by an Independent Shariah Committee.


What are PensionBee fees?

You can sign up for PensionBee at any time if you already have a UK pension, or if you’re self-employed.

You can transfer or combine your pensions for free. You may be charged an exit fee if your current provider charges you a fee. You will be asked to confirm that this amount is greater than £10.

The fee is a flat rate of 0.5% to 0.95% depending on the plan that you choose. For fund values up to £100,000. the fee is charged in full. The fee is charged at the full percentage for fund values up to £100,000.

The majority of their clients are on Tracker plans (0.50%), Tailored plans (0.70%) or Fossil fuel free (0.75%). The information and tools you need to make the best financial decisions is available.

Your new fund’s value may change as the stock market fluctuates.

It’s easy to calculate the annual fee for PensionBee using their calculator.

How to get a pension bonus from the government

PensionBee allows you to choose between regular and ad hoc payments. The process is simple, as any review of the company will confirm. You may also be able to claim tax relief if you make a personal contribution. They handle it for you, and automatically claim your 25% HMRC top-up on your behalf. For 2022/2023, you can claim tax relief for pension contributions of up to £40,000 (or 100% of your salary depending on which is the lower amount). You can find out more about this on the website. They will also keep you informed of any HMRC contributions that you receive via your account dashboard.

Pensions for Self-Employed People and Bonus Pension

PensionBee reviews will often mention that it is ideal for self-employed people. The fact that employers can contribute to any type of pension makes it ideal for self-employed people and freelancers.

You can also find a comprehensive FAQ on their website if you’re self-employed.

PensionBee: How to withdraw your pension

Customers can choose from the age of 55 to buy a Pension Annuity through PensionBee’s partner Legal & General or to draw down their pension and receive up to 25% as a lump-sum payment tax-free. An annuity will ensure that you have a steady income for the rest of your life. This income is calculated based on your annuity rates. If you’re not pension confident but unsure about what to do at retirement, it is best to consult an independent financial adviser.

Should I consolidate my pensions?

Consolidating your pension, or any other financial decision, should be thoroughly researched to make sure it’s the best decision for you. It may be worthwhile to seek independent advice if you have significant amounts in pension funds before making any transfers. PensionBee may even insist on this if you are a pensioner with a large pot. If you are transferring guaranteed pension benefits that exceed £30,000, you will need to consult an Independent Financial Advisor.

It can be more cost-effective to consolidate all your pensions under one roof. It’s important to track your finances and protect future retirement savings.

The Financial Conduct Authority has given them permission to operate in the UK. They are a reputable pension provider that is correctly registered and operates legally. PensionBee has also received great feedback from customers and is rated highly by reviewers. They often highlight features such the ease of transfers, competent and helpful customer service, and low fees. It is one of the top-scoring companies within the financial sector, which has a notoriously low score. PensionBee has almost a half-million customers. These reviews provide good reasons for you to trust PensionBee.

PensionBee customer reviews

If you’re going to invest in financial planning and investment, you should only use a company that you trust. You should read a few PensionBee reviews before you make your decision. There are many positive reviews available online.

You should research the platform carefully before you decide if it is right for you. PensionBee is a good option if you want to consolidate all of your pensions into a dashboard run by a reputable pension company.

PensionBee’s customer reviews are very positive. You can see this by visiting their TrustPilot review page, where more than 8000 reviews were published. Other customer reviews are less common, but they often contain the same praise: low fees, great customer service, and ease of usage. Online reviews from the financial industry are often the most negative. PensionBee reviews are generally positive, which is a very welcome change in direction for the financial sector. It shows how a good organization can consistently and repeatedly provide excellent service to its customers.

How do I withdraw my money from PensionBee?

When you turn 55, you can withdraw 25% of your pension fund without paying tax. It happens automatically when you turn 55. Withdrawing the money is easy. You just have to log in and upload your photo ID. If you submit your request before 12pm, it will be processed the same day. Otherwise, it will be processed the following day. As long as all is well with everything else, you can expect to receive your money within 10 days.

If you withdraw less than 25%, the remainder will remain invested and you can take it out as you please. You’ll have to pay income tax if you withdraw more than your 25% tax-free limit.

In certain situations, money can be withdrawn sooner but may incur additional fees. You may be entitled to withdraw your pension earlier if you are in poor health before the age of 55. This can depend on your condition or conditions, and your life expectancy. PensionBee can provide you with the best advice if you contact them directly.

If you decide to withdraw, it is important to carefully consider your decision. Financial advisors can help those who are faced with this decision.

PensionBee Summary

For different people, getting your finances in order can mean different things. However, knowing that your pension is taken care of can be a huge relief. Retirement is so far off that many people don’t worry about their finances. However, this doesn’t always work out and the years do tend to fly by for most people without giving pensions much attention.

PensionBee reviews will tell you that they are easy to use and can be set up in minutes. It’s great to know that, even though retirement may seem far away, you can still find the time to save for retirement and align your pension pots with retirement income. This will give you financial security in the future.

It offers a consolidation service that is simple and easy to use for people with multiple smaller pensions. They offer a pension fund that performs better and has lower management fees than other pension providers.

Pension providers are an easy-to-use and low-cost platform that allows you to create pension pots in the future, as well as consolidate your old pensions into one location. It can be difficult to keep track, especially when employees and partners are constantly changing jobs and life is busy. This is why bringing them all under one dashboard will take away the worry.

The positive reviews of PensionBee can be seen by a quick glance at their website. It’s great that you can choose from a variety of investment plans, pay low fees, and manage your pension via an app.

Let us know your thoughts on Pension Bee and what service you use for your pension.

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Pension Bee Review: Is it Any Good For Your Pension?

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