Trust & Will Review: Easy, Affordable Estate Planning

Trust & Will Review: Easy, Affordable Estate Planning

This might sound really morbid, but the reality is, we all need to have a ‘death plan’ at some point and consider what we want to do with our estate once we pass away. As the saying goes, the only thing promised in life is death and taxes and proper inheritance planning makes a lot of sense so your family can inherit land, property, tangible and other intangible assets like intellectual property and creating a plan is something you should do while you are working hard growing your asset column.

For parents, this is something that should be at the forefront of their brain especially if you already on the property ladder and you want to ensure you have a stable financial future for your survivors.

There are two ways to plan what happens with your estate, you can either have a traditional lawyer write a will, create a trust fund and set up your Trust & Will or if the costs seem frightening you can work with a company like Trust & Will.

Trust & Will help you create an inheritance plan without you having to incur a large bill from an attorney. Check out below the Trust & Will product and service offering.

  • Budget friendly way to create estate planning documents
  • Unlimited updates throughout the first year
  • Exceptional for young families with simple financial structures


Trust & Will Details
Product NameTrust & Will
WillIndividuals: $159 Couples: $259
TrustIndividuals: $599 Couples: $699

What Is Trust & Will?

Trust & Will was founded in 2017 by Brian Lamb, Cody Barbo, and Daniel Goldstein. Since its founding, the company has helped over 285,000 Americans create an estate plan.

The San Diego-based company is on a mission to make estate planning simple and affordable. Based on the overwhelmingly positive customer feedback, Trust & Will seems to be succeeding in its objective.

What Does It Offer?

Trust & Will can help you create an estate plan. Here are the features that stand out.

Three Estate Planning Products To Choose From

Everyone has their own reason for setting up an estate plan. With that in mind, Trust & Will offers three different options so that you can accomplish your specific goals.

Below, we cover the key details of each product. Based on your unique situation, you can choose the right level of service.


Trust & Will Wills

Be prepared

Always be ready with your wishes in one place—plus you’ll ease the burden for the people you love.

Get organized

Create a complete inventory of your information and your assets—for every day and emergencies.

Let them know

Share your end-of-life plan (and anything else) with family, friends, and trusted advisors.

Be sure

With bank-level encryption, you can be confident that all your information is secure.

Find support

Don’t rely on googling or guesswork – Trust & Will have a support team is on the case.

Take a breath

We make it super easy and intuitive, from updating to sharing as life changes.

When you register with Trust&Will you get a series of legal documents including Last Will & Testament, a HIPAA Authorization, a living will and a power of attorney. The will-based package may be the best option if youw ant a comprehensive estate plan without a trust involved. All customised and state-specific Wills for $159, or $259 for couples.


Trust & Will Trusts

The last option is the Trust-based estate plan, which offers the most comprehensive option to protect your assets and loved ones. In addition to being able to outline all of the same wishes that are included in the “Will” package, you can also:

  • Add conditions to the distribution of assets
  • Set up a procedure to avoid probate court

These wishes will be placed in a series of legal documents including a Revocable Living Trust, a Schedule of Assets, a Certification of Trust, Last Will & Testament, a HIPAA Authorization, a living will, and a power of attorney.

Convenient Process

When you create an estate plan, most of us assume that a large amount of physical paperwork will be involved. But with Trust & Will, that is not the case. Instead, you can answer a series of questions that will form the basis of your estate planning documents. 

After the documents are created, you can sign and notarize them on your own time. The notary step is critical because it makes the documents legally binding. But you’ll be able to tackle the final hurdle at your own pace.

Attorney Support Available

Attorneys design the documents that are available through Trust & Will. But you can also add unlimited attorney support at the cost of $200 for the year.  If you choose this upgrade, you can ask for a line-by-line review of the document, support on the paperwork, tax advice, and legal planning advice.

Share Information With Loved Ones

You can share the documents created by Trust & Will seamlessly. The documents are virtually accessible by parties with permission. This can come in handy if you want your family members, trustees, or executors to have regular access to your will.

Are There Any Fees?

When you work with Trust & Will, there are costs at each level.  

If you choose the Will-Based package, the cost is $159 per individual or $259 for couples. This includes one complimentary hard copy of your documents. You’ll need to pay $19 per year after that for the ability to update your documents.

If you choose the Trust-Based package, the cost is $599 per individual or $699 for couples. This includes one complimentary hard copy of your documents. You’ll need to pay $39 per year after that for the ability to update your documents.

Additionally, you’ll need to pay $200 per year if you want access to unlimited attorney support.

How Does Trust & Will Compare?

Trust & Will offers a convenient way to digitally create your estate planning documents. However, it isn’t the only software that offers this ability. The Tomorrow App,  for example, offers free will-making services (with paid upgrades available) and its trust packages start at $99. However, Tomorrow doesn’t provide access to attorneys.

Fabric is primarily known for its life insurance plans,  but it also allows anyone to create a free will online. You don’t need to buy life insurance from them to use their will-making software, which is great. But you can’t use Fabric to create a living trusts and you won’t have attorney access.

Trust & Will logoTomorrow app logoFabric Logo Updated
Will Pricing$159 (for individuals)Starting at $0$0
Trust Pricing$599 (for individuals)Starting at $99N/A
Attorney AccessYes, for an extra $200NoNo
Other ProductsNoneLife insuranceLife insurance

How Do I Open An Account?

Ready to work with Trust & Will?

Start by visiting their site and selecting the Get Started button.You’ll be asked to create an account with your email and make a password.

Once you select the plan type you want, you’ll be asked a series of questions about your financial details, proposed guardians for minors and pets, asset distribution, final arrangements, and health care preferences.

After Trust & Will has the information, it will instantly draw up the documents.

Is It Safe And Secure?

Trust & Will uses bank-level security to keep your information safe. The company uses Plaid to retrieve and sync your financial accounts. Plus, all personal information is secured via SSL technology. 

How Do I Contact Trust & Will?

You can reach out to Trust & Will over the phone at 866-908-7878. The line is open Monday – Friday from 7 AM to 5 PM (PT), Saturday from 9 AM to 1 PM, and Sunday from 7 AM to 2 PM. You can also connect via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @trustandwill.

Based on customer feedback, the company provides a stellar experience. Trust & Will has earned 4.9 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot with over 1,700 reviewers. And 98% of those reviewers rated their experience as “Excellent” or “Great.”

Is It Worth It?

If you’re concerned about your estate plan, Trust & Will offers an easy pathway to quickly nominate a guardian or create a will or trust. If you have a simple estate or only want to ensure proper guardianship for your children, Trust & Will could be a great option.

But if you have a complicated estate or complex family arrangement, then the streamlined Trust & Will process might not be enough for you. In these situations, it’s typically best to rely on the finely-tuned estate planning that only an attorney can provide. 

Trust & Will Features

PricingWill: $159 for individuals; $259 for couplesTrust: $599 for individuals; $699 for couples
Pet Guardian NominationYes, with Will or Trust packages
Paper DocumentsYes, one copy
Digital Update ServiceUnlimited for one year. After that the cost is:   Will: $19 per yearTrust: $39 per year
Shipping CostFree for 1st-time shipping
Customer Service Number866-908-7878
Other Customer Support OptionsLive Chat
Customer Service HoursMonday – Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PT) Saturday, 9 a.m to 1 p.m.  (PT) Sunday, 7 a.m to 2 p.m.  (PT)
Mobile AppsNo
Web/Desktop Account AccessYes

Trust & Will Review

  • Pricing
  • Products and Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Customer Support




Trust & Will helps families create customized estate plans online in minutes and has experts standing by to provide support when needed.


  • Affordable when compared to typical estate planning attorney fees
  • Streamlined user experience
  • Documents ship to your door for free


  • More expensive than other DIY services
  • Could be inadequate for complex estates

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